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Here is a proposal from Omnytrix Integrated Labs to collaborate and setup EI-Labs. Please find the detailed information in the document. Omnytrix Integrated labs in the scope of expansion, and reaching out to serve maximum students, inviting educationalists, schools and tutorial centers to join with us to setup EI-Labs (Experiential and Innovation Labs).

About EI-Labs

EI- Labs – Experiential and Innovation Labs is a center where we provide provisions to school students of 6 to 16 years’ age group. We facilitate the center with equipment related to physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, electronics, robotics, home automation, space sciences, brain games, puzzles, art & craft, pre-school models, carpentering, electric plumbing, water plumbing, clay model making, music, logical thinking, etc. To give a comparison, EI- Lab center resembles the regular Tutorial centers. Instead of regular theory based classes after school, we train students to understand the science and mathematics concepts by doing practical from their academics. Along with trainings, center also provides access to enthusiasts to perform any kind of experiments of their interest at any given time. Our vision is to establish a holistic and NEP ready centers accessible to students of all age groups. Our motto is bringing the transformation in Indian education system from theoretical to practical and activity based.


To setup EI-labs, we look for the enthusiastic educationalist and business people. Our business development manager will reach you to explain the whole program. We check the basic requirements as mentioned below. Once everything meets, we enter into a formal business agreement. Details of investment, revenue sharing and partnership will be provided in this document. Premises should be ready with all requirements at least 3 days before the inauguration. Rest of the things will be taken care my Omnytrix ground team. Marketing and inauguration process to be handled by the center heads as given in detail below.


Admissions can be taken for the mentioned age group students. There might need a counselor for the center to talk with parents and explain them the process. Center trainer can handle the process in case there is no counselor. Before admission, we follow a simple process of evaluation of student. Trainer should spend time at least 20 minutes with students to understand what kind of learner the students is. Then, should give the proper advice and suitable training package to parents. Admissions can take for weekdays (Monday – Friday), weekends (Saturday & Sunday) or Sundays.


# Students can perform activities by sitting on ground also.


* Marked are optional and required computers/laptops with active internet connection

S. No. Groups Term wise programs Academic year programs
Preprimary & 1st – 2nd
Brain games, English
Mathematics, Environmental Science
3rd – 5th class
Brain games, Home Automation, Art & Craft, Robotics, Paper circuits, Coding*
Mathematics, Basic Science
6th – 8th class
Exam Enhancement Program, Home automation, Art & Craft, Coding*, Graphic Designing*, Video editing*
Academic Science, Academic Mathematics, Robotics, Science projects making, Innovation Projects
9th – 10th class
Exam Enhancement Program, Robotics, Home automation, Coding*, Graphic Designing*, Video editing*
Academic Science, Academic Mathematics, Internet of Things, Science projects making
S. No. Groups Term wise programs Academic year programs
Robotics, Home automation, Internet of Things, Graphic designing, Video editing
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Electronics
Home automation, Graphic designing, Video editing
Electronics, Robotics, Internet of Things
B. Tech
Electronics, Robotics, Internet of Things


➜Marketing to be started at least 10 days before the inauguration.

Newspaper distribution of brochures for 2 – 3 days.

➜ Hiring a part time employee to distribute brochures near schools’.

➜ Distributing brochures in nearby homes by part time employee.

➜ Online marketing like WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook marketing to be done.

➜ Short videos, creative flyers to be used for online promotions.

➜Inauguration is the biggest and successful strategy to invite admissions.

➜During inauguration, its advised to invite some celebrity, local leader or influencer. 

➜Must plan and invite at least 5 – 10 nearby schools’ principals to the inauguration. 

➜Must invite all the known teachers from nearby locality to visit anytime during the day.

➜Must invite the known circle families and parents along with children to come and experience the science and technology in the center.

➜The day must be Sunday such that teachers, parents and children can make time to visit.

➜Invitations must go in person to important people, calls must be made to known circle parents, other social media platform should be used to spread the information.

➜5 – 6 Small 3×4 or 2×3 feet banners must be tied in nearby areas with details. 

➜There should be a main board (2×6 feet) fitted to the center at least 3 days before.

➜Omnytrix Creatives & Graphics will design the creative flyers to share in social media platform and brochures to print and distribute for marketing purpose.

➜We take care of banners designs, boards designs and other advertising materials design.

➜Informatics boards will be pasted inside the lab premises with science and mathematics content to give aesthetic look.

➜2 – 3 long 6×3 size banners will be designed and pasted inside the lab premises.

➜Visiting schools and giving demonstrations

➜Calling for monthly free science fairs, robotics competitions

➜Marketing the center as a recreation and free hand innovation center

➜Conducting quarterly competitions and inviting the new parents and students.

➜Starting summer camps will be the best marketing strategy as it will be easy to get admissions during that season and it’s easy to convert the summer camp admissions to regular academic year admission. 


➜Marketing the EI-labs activities and trainings happening inside on daily basis. 

➜Sharing the progress of students to their parents on regular basis using our metrics.

➜Conducting the weekend events, competitions, and awareness programs.

➜Inviting educationalists, experts from different fields to interact with students once in a month.

➜Providing needful resources, equipment, guidance and mentoring to students every day. 

➜As per the agreement, there won’t be any competitive center within 2 KM’s radius of the proposed center.

➜For accommodating more students, we suggest to collaborate with nearby small tutorial points to open the branches. 

➜All business operations of the new centers will run be under the guidance of proposed main center.

➜During the business, schools nearby may approach the center to start a lab in their premises. Center must be welcoming to open such labs and all the operations will be under the control of proposed main center.

➜To expand, the proposed center can reach out to schools to setup more labs like this and operations will be taken care by proposed center.

➜All the small centers and schools who approached through the proposed center to Omnytrix labs, will be under the proposed center only. The proposed center will become a branch office of Omnytrix labs to handle operations of further business needs. 

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