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Omnytrix integrated labs was founded in 2014 as an Ed-tech startup with the goal of bringing a transformation in education. In the beginning, we worked with engineering and other universities to help students develop their skills through industrial training and real-world experience through internships. We worked hard in colleges to establish a solid practical education foundation, but our efforts were futile. When we figure it out, we realize that there is a real need for fundamentals and transform in the school education system.

After months of research, I discovered that practical education through experiments is the best way to introduce a transformation in the education system with minimal effort. However, our main challenge is the additional cost and burden on parents and school administration. We took a stand and researched low-cost options for developing hundreds of projects to teach science and mathematics. That is how we began serving rural India schools, parents from the middle and lower classes, and institutions with this amazing practical education.

We Were Working With Schools Prior To The Pandemic To Set Up High-Efficiency, Long-Lasting, And Cost-Effective Lab Setups. We Began Doing Research After The Pandemic To Shrink Our Lab To The Size Of A Small Backpack-Sized Box, And We Were Successful. With The Help Of Grateful Parents And School Administrators, We Are Now Thriving In Our Efforts To Encourage Students To Set Up Their Own Table Top Labs And Learn Through Experiments.

About the Visionary Founder & CEO of Omnytrix Labs

Uday Chaitanya Saamala

I began doing research in 2002, when I was in primary school. I never imagined that I would choose a career in the field of Ed-Tech to bring about a change in the educational system, but I have always wanted to learn in a different way. During my search, I began learning science and mathematics concepts through experiments. I began questioning everything in my textbooks in order to determine the true need for the concept as it relates to everyday use.

For me, the early days were difficult. We didn't have Google, the internet, or any type of instant support back then. I discovered the only way by sitting in a library. I read almost every book in my school library and used to go to the children's section of the state central library on a regular basis. I began taking notes on all of my learnings and began conducting experiments and performing research to validate the information I had learned.

My experiments didn't stop there, and I was having a lot of trouble speaking and writing in English. First, I focused on writing skills, specifically sentence formation, spelling, and grammar. It's difficult to learn, but my habit of taking self-recorded notes from text books and other books helped me quickly overcome that obstacle. 

My physics experiments did not end when I graduated from high school. Thanks to my parents, who, despite coming from a lower-middle-class family, always supported me in any way they could. I couldn't afford sophisticated lab equipment in high school and college, but thanks to my parents, I had a lab in my home when I was 18 years old. My parents spent the majority of my education budget on building my lab for experiments. I began doing electronics projects in 2008 and developed over 200 projects in four years of engineering, despite failure in thousands of projects.

My parents taught me to never say, "I don't know that or I can't do that." This compelled me to acquire a wide range of skills and become multi-talented in the fields of business and research. I am a serial entrepreneur with 17 startups and 45+ business ideas, almost all of which failed except for one, practical education through Omnytrix labs.

The practical education that I began as a child has driven me to the dream, and I have made it my goal to implement the same transformation in our educational system. My mission is to help parents and students achieve success in life by establishing strong foundations before they leave school.

My dream of practical education is not possible without your help, and I am seeking the assistance of every parent, student, and school administration in bringing this transformation to fruition. I am confident that I will meet this goal very soon, and I invite each of you to join me in this endeavor for the betterment of our society and Indian education system. 

Detailed explanation of EI labs

Welcome to EI-Labs – Experiential and Innovation Labs, a dynamic center dedicated to providing a unique learning experience for school students aged 6 to 16 years. At EI-Labs, we are passionate about bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with a wide range of resources spanning various disciplines, including physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, electronics, robotics, home automation, space sciences, brain games, puzzles, art & craft, pre-school models, carpentering, electric plumbing, water plumbing, clay model making, music, and logical thinking. This diverse array of tools and materials empowers students to explore and engage with their academic subjects in a hands-on manner, fostering a deeper understanding and love for learning.

Unlike traditional tutorial centers that rely on theory-based classes, EI-Labs takes a unique approach by encouraging students to actively participate in practical experiments and activities directly related to their academic curriculum. Through this experiential learning approach, we aim to ignite curiosity, enhance problem-solving skills, and promote critical thinking among our students. By immersing themselves in real-world applications of science and mathematics, students develop a stronger grasp of fundamental concepts and gain practical knowledge that goes beyond textbooks.

At EI-Labs, we believe that learning should not be limited to the classroom or restricted to fixed hours. Our center is designed to provide students and enthusiasts with unlimited access to a wide range of experiments and resources, enabling them to indulge in their scientific interests at any time. We encourage students to explore their passions, conduct experiments, and engage in innovative projects, nurturing a culture of curiosity, creativity, and self-discovery.

Our vision is to establish holistic and NEP (National Education Policy) ready centers that are accessible to students of all age groups. We aspire to transform the Indian education system by shifting the focus from a purely theoretical approach to a practical and activity-based methodology. By embracing experiential learning, we aim to empower students to become independent thinkers, problem solvers, and lifelong learners, well-prepared to navigate the challenges of the modern world.

Join us at EI-Labs, where learning comes to life, and education is an adventure. Together, let’s unlock the boundless potential of practical learning and inspire a new generation of innovators, scientists, and thinkers.


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